Find it hard to walk past a great looking plant and not adopt at least one? Do you wind up with more plants than you have garden space every summer?

That’s okay. You’re not alone, and guess what…

It is not an obsession.

Being a passionate plant collector isn’t your fault. It’s a natural reaction to visual stimulation, and totally the plant’s fault.

Okay, so some people can’t hear them silently begging you to take them home. But not everyone can draw either, or fix a car, or have a knack for complex math. Heck, some folks can’t boil water! Just because they don’t ‘get it’ doesn’t mean it’s an obsession. No one ever thinks an accomplished cook who bakes a lot is obsessed. Tsk tsk non-planties… judge not lest ye be judged.

Pay no attention to anyone who think your passion for gorgeous perennials, shrubs and trees is a problem. Look at it this way, they’re the one with the problem. They aren’t special like you. You were blessed with a sixth sense. One that all those plants with the come-hither looks can connect with you through.

We call it telepathaplanty.

The more plants you’re growing in your garden, the louder the adoptees turn up the volume. It’s enough to make the pure at heart become truly lost in the flowers. There’s really nothing wrong with it or you. The garden is a wonderful place to be, full of fresh air and organic beauty. It’s also fat-free, contains no trans fats, and doesn’t impair your ability to operate a motor vehicle (at least not unless you’re looking at flowers in yards as you drive by).┬áSo keep on collecting. It’s healthy. It’s what gardeners do.

Who are we?

Lost In The Flowers is brought to you by confessed plantaholics landscape design and plant growing professionals. We know all about the obsession passion for collecting awesome plants. You can’t just plant a garden and call it done. It’s alive. It’s magic. It evolves. That’s why they call it growing. A garden is a project that has no end.

We hope you enjoy our garden ezine. It’s dedicated to making the world a more colorful place. The goal is to give you the inside scoop on exciting new perennials and other ornamental plants, along with some great garden and landscaping tips, and from time to time a look at handy tools for maintaining it all.