Wildflowers - Meadow Garden Ideas

Jardin Au Naturale

Take a walk on the wild side - Let your hair down garden ideas. Nothing is more natural, or sustainable, than a wildflower meadow. As gardens go, it's the road less traveled, but so unpretentious and relaxing...

Rich Red Pinks

Rich in layers of petals. Rich in color, but definitely not pink. A good red in Dianthus is a flower that is few and far between. Black Cherry Wild Dianthus definitely caught my attention, and I'm very discer...


No need to travel to the islands... Plant a blue wave anywhere. Tired of washed out, and supposedly blue shrub and tree hibiscus? I know I am. Blue Chiffon is not blue, it's pale purple until the flowers shri...

Star Light, Star White

First garden star I see in July? Hydrangea paniculata 'Great Star' Beautiful and lacy, which is what we expect from modern panicle-type hydrangeas, and Great Star is extremely yummy with it's incredibly huge ...

Way Too Cool

Removing the boring from 'low-maintenance bushes'? Yep! It's finally happened. Spireas are workhorse shrubs. Cold hardy. Heat and drought tolerant. Colorful while in bloom, and the rest of the time? They're l...

Mai Tai Is One Gorgeous Geum

Have you seen it yet? Geums are rather new to me, though I've grown hundreds of different perennial plants over the years. Gardening at the 45th parallel is challenging to say the least. A whole new outlook com...

Viking: Love at First Sight

Campanula ‘Viking’ is going to change your view of bellflowers completely. Get ready for a love affair that isn’t a flash in the pan two-week stand. Perennial flowers get better every year ...

Spreading Light in the Shade

Tiarella is a wonderful plant for partial to filtered shade. Showy spring blooms give you a lacy eruption of white to whisper pink.

Tall, Dark and Handsome

True red phlox? You bet! Smoldering atop the world's only black leafed cultivar. Exciting new Phlox paniculata 'Lord Clayton' PPAF - Your perennial garden will never be the same!...