There is something undeniably romantic about the blooming presence of old fashioned bellflowers. The blued lavender blooms of Peachleaf Bellfower are a sight to behold in early summer. And then, the magic is over. Undignified and flopping about, the common bellflower is a mess in your garden. Campanula 'Viking' is going to change your view of bellflowers completely. Get ready for a love affair that isn't a flash in the pan two-week stand.

Perennial gardens everywhere in zones 5-8 will be so much lovelier with Campanula 'Viking' in May through July. Fat lavender blooms erupting on very upright stems, for weeks on end. The breeding for a compact plant will be the reason that this bellflower won't be found lolling on the soil surface. No flopping and a vastly extended flowering period. A perennial flower destined to win your heart and be awarded a prized spot in your yard or flower garden.

Do be sure to give Viking all day sun for best flowering and vigor. One of the beauties of Campanula of all types (and there are oodles of them) is that they don't have issues with pests and diseases some perennial plants can be prone to. You won't have any problems with it spreading like wildfire and taking over your planting space or creeping into the lawn either. Viking is very well behaved. No runners and the seed is sterile, making it no garden thug you will regret planting forever more.
Campanula Viking will do well in average garden soil, but be prepared to give it consistent moisture. Bellflowers will not reward you with great vigor in heavy clay soils; prepare a well drained planting space. With the proper foundation, you'll find that the superior strength and vigor of this bellflower, paired with months of luscious fat purple blooms, draws interesting visitors to your garden. Hummingbirds and butterflies will be magnetized to your new stand of Campanula Viking.

You won't be sorry for adding this perennial plant to your front foundation plantings. The compact nature will keep this perennial in great shape. At only 18 inches tall in full bloom, be sure to plant your Viking Campanula in the middle to front of your border gardens. For those who enjoy a sampling of cut flowers extending the garden to bouquets in the house, Viking is an excellent addition to your cutting garden. For cottage garden and English garden plantings, here you have a winner in plumping up the romantic theme. In your garden or landscape, this lovely and nicely mannered perennial will mature to 24 inches across.

New to the US gardening scene for 2011, Campanula 'Viking' PPAF is a Plants Nouveau introduction. You can count on the discerning judgment of anything Angela presents. Plants Nouveau has strict standards in deeming a new perennial plant fit for growing. This gorgeous new bellflower is the breeding work of Arie Blom and A-B Cultivars. This is just one more phenomenal perennial flower crafted by the Netherlands breeder who brought us the Cone-fections Echinacea series. Thanks Arie!

For more information about new Campanula ‘Viking’, contact Plants Nouveau.

Images Courtesy of Plants Nouveau.

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