Irresistible drama with tropical flair.

A powerful presence anywhere you plant it.

New Dragon Heart Gigantes Colocasia is sure to knock your socks off. Inky black leaves that are beyond large and in charge. No shrinking violet here. It’s from the anti-petite plant league. No other black elephant ears plant can compare with the magnitude of Dragon Heart.

Finally, a new plant one doesn’t have to crawl around on the ground to see. Each leaf measures a whopping 30 inches long. No need to worry about it getting lost in the jungle of your garden. Besides the dark drama of those leaves, the plant won’t have much competition for height either standing at 7-8 feet tall – in a single season. Without a doubt you will be able to enjoy it’s beauty from afar.

Aroid Dragon Heart Gigantes ColocasiaIf you want true black foliage, black colocasias are the perfect choice, and Dragon Heart gives you a lot more impact that Black Magic due to it’s massive proportions. The petioles and leaf ribs are a gorgeous maroon red too. Surround it with brights or pastels depending on the look you’re going for. The flower colors will pop against those velvety midnight black leaves.

If you’re going to grow it in a container, make sure it’s huge. Anything with this kind of stature above the soil needs some room for ample roots. Beware of lightweight plastic pots! The wind tips small leafed large plants in them over constantly. With elephant ears plants the action will be amplified, like a set of sails. At leaf face proportions like Dragon Heart Gigantes has, you’ll be potting up a patio schooner. The results? Messed up leaves and stems.

Colocasias are a tender perennial, hardy in zones 8-11, but do well in northern summers. Some gardeners find overwintering tubers like you would cannas and dahlias works, though you’ll most likely have better success overwintering them alive in a container in the house. Colocasia corms are very decided in their needs. In a southern exposure window they will make it through the winter nicely – as long as you do not ever let the media in the pot dry out. Of course, you might be hard pressed to find room for a plant the size of Dragon Heart Gigantes in your house! It grows 5-8 feet wide, which even with it’s tightly clumped growth habit is a good chunk of floor space. Time to ask Santa for a greenhouse (or treat colocasia like an annual like so many gardeners do).

The best results in your garden will be found with ample moisture and humus rich soil. Colocasias love humidity, and adore being planted next to a pond where ground moisture is always present.  It’s a lot easier to keep them consistently moist in the ground than in a pot.If you do decide to plant them in a container, make it a self-irrigating planter. When they get too dry, this plant does get stressed, and can develop spider mite issues because it’s immune system is lowered.

They also do better in many locations with protection from hot afternoon sun. However, Dragon Heart Gigantes, like all black-leaved colocasias, needs several hours of direct sunlight to get that awesome leaf coloring. In the extreme North, full sun might be best, as the more heat you have, the faster colocasia will grow. New leaves on a black colocasia always open green, and turn black as they mature. The stems on this new mammoth selection will also turn black in the sun.

Don’t over fertilize. Colocasias aren’t heavy-feeders. With a plant this gargantuan, you won’t want it to outdo itself anyway. Stick to light fertilization.

Trademark and Nomenclature

Colocasia gigantea ‘Dragon Heart Gigantes’ PPAF


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