Gorgeous foliage that will not fry …
No matter how hot, no matter how dry.

Autumn Delight Sedum

Autumn Delight™ Sedum

There is a lot more to perennial plants than just the flower. Blooming is wonderful, but don’t forget about the rest of the season. Your garden or landscape plantings have far more impact with different hues and textures of foliage on display. Autumn Delight Sedum has great value for foliage impact from spring to early fall.

This lovely new plant from Intrinsic Introductions gives you glowing chartreuse leaves edged with a thin line of deep blue green. Autumn Delight is sure to set those hot, dry plantings off in a way not possible with other drought tolerant plants. A sweep of brilliant foliage in summer is topped with increasingly deep pink and finally brilliant red blooms in late fall.

The light foliage of Sedum Autumn Delight. A garden brightener throughout the season.

Sedum Autumn Delight

Sedum Autumn Delight is easy to grow and will adapt to just about any soil but does require good drainage. This perennial prefers full sun but will do well in part shade. As with most colored foliage plants, you will get far brighter hues in all day sun. Maturing at 18″ high and wide, Autumn Delight is hardy in zones 4-9.

If you’re new to growing perennials in your yard, sedums are an excellent starter plant. They thrive even when neglected, making them the perfect ‘plant it and forget it’ perennial. Their chunky texture creates awesome textural balance when planted with ornamental grasses. For the exact reverse in variegation excitement, check out the stunning looks of Autumn Charm Sedum.

In a container garden this new sedum will shine without constant care. In the ground, you’ll get great impact in hot, dry places teaming Autumn Delight Sedum up with dramatic plum purple lower growing Vera Jameson Sedum and silvery Artemesia. To really jazz it up, and add some height, toss in some Pink Muhly Grass. New Autumn Delight Sedum is available from better garden catalogs and nursery for Spring 2009 purchase.

Trademark and Nomenclature

Autumn Delight™ Sedum ‘Beka’ PP#18,421