Richly yummy, like chocolate covered cherries –
This new perennial hibiscus is simply decadent.

It’s hard to beat the impact you get from the huge, tropical-flavored blooms of Hibiscus moscheutos for late summer color. This new selection from Bailey Nurseries pulls out all the stops. For those who love red flowers Midnight Marvel Hibsicus will definitely get your attention… and anyone who passes by. Who could overlook a plant covered with flowers that are 8-9″ wide? Especially when they’re this sensational deep red atop black-purple leaves? You’d have to be blind to overlook it.

We have had other perennial hibiscus with dark foliage, but most of them fade in the summer sun leaving you with a washed out rendition of the look you wanted by the time the blooming begins in mid-summer. This doesn’t happen with Hibiscus Midnight Marvel. The dark color will hold throughout the season, and the thick, leathery maple-shaped leaves offer great fall color too.

An easy to grow perennial, hibiscus do well in average garden soil, even poor soil, but if you’ve got sandy soil do count on amending it. Hibiscus aren’t real drought tolerant. They need consistent moisture and soil with good moisture retention to look . While you can grow these plants in part shade, your best bloom show will come from full sun … 6 hours of direct sun a day or more. Make sure the plant has good drainage to avoid root rot and other issues – not that this is a special requirement, most plants need proper drainage to maintain good health and look their best.

Red Hibiscus Midnght Marvel

Not a plant you can just stuff in anywhere you’ve got a small gap in the garden, hibiscus are rather large members of the perennial world. Midnight Marvel will mature to 4-feet high and 4.5-feet wide. So, do be sure you can let it grow into itself. Of course if you tuck it in temporarily, it is easily moved when you get a better spot for it. That’s one of the coolest things about perennial plants. If you don’t like them where you put them initially, you can easily dig them up, and replant them in a different place. However, with a plant this big, be prepared to deal with the accompanying root system. You might need to find some muscular assistance once it starts spreading it’s wings. Don’t wait too long to get it in a permanent placement. By year three, you might need a machine to lift it.

For gardeners in zones 4-9, Midnight Marvel will thrive with average garden care. While Hibiscus mocsheuto exhibits good disease resistance, and are deer resistant, Japanese beetles find it’s foliage quite tasty. While they won’t kill the plant, it looks very silly with only stems and the main leaf veins present. If you’ve got problems with these insects, you should treat any perennial hibiscus with Sevin before the beetles emerge from the soil. Better yet, get rid of the grubs in your lawn and garden soil, because that’s where they’re coming from.

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