Great  habit to get into …
Perfectly  packed mound for the foreground.

New Sedum Thundercloud emerges emerges early in the season as a pretty little mound of thick gray-green serrated leaflets. Beautifully cut partners forming shapely rosettes. A multitude of these lovely little new stems creates an attractive foliage plant. The mounding is cleverly softened by the pointed tips of fresh young leaves numbering well into the hundreds.

A strikingly different habit to new Sedum 'Thundercloud'. An unusual gumdrop shape.

Thundercloud in May

Thundercloud is geometric perfection!

Sedums come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colors. They make the perfect collector plant for the gardener who enjoys color with no fuss at all. Thundercloud, like it’s many cousins, will thrive best in hot, dry sun. The perfect plant for rock gardens and dry streams that will tolerate just about any type of soil.

With it’s short stature, this sedum plant will make an excellent companion to mid-size grasses with dark seed heads. Partnering it up with Moudry Fountain Grass and Pink Muhly Grass would put on a splendid show. Oh, and tuck in some dramatic accents like taller Matrona Sedum to make that late color display really rich.

Lacy looking blooms of Sedum Thundercloud are distinctly different than most varieties.

Sedum Thundercloud Blooms

Early color bonus when hundreds of lovely white florets adorn the top of all stems by late August. This exciting new hybrid Sedum has the makings of a valuable new addition to any drought tolerant landscape or garden bed. The tightly mounded growth habit of Thundercloud Sedum is unique for low growing varieties. This one doesn’t flop or spread apart as it matures.

A  plant that will work in any setting.

You’ll love the sculptured, well mannered shape of Thundercloud Sedum even in the most formal landscape plantings. Maturing to 12″ high and wide, this is a great plant for the front row in any full sun to part shade planting.

Lovely white autumn blooms are of the S. spectible variety and similarly shaped like Sedum Matrona. The plant is hardy in zones 4-9.
This  one may be available from some of the better nurseries for Spring 2009.


Sedum x ‘Thundercloud’ PP#21,833

All inquiries about Sedum Thundercloud should be directed to Brent at Intrinsic Introductions.