Blue-shot lace foliage is lovely alone.
You get twice the beauty when it blooms.

Astilbe is always a lovely foliage plant whose lacy presence makes a welcome accent to hosta and other shade lovers. The majority of the Astilbe plants are a rather expected shade of green. Some, such as ‘Fanal’ Astilbe do have dark red veins that give them a heightened element of decor in the garden. How about Spruce Blue foliage for a new source of color variation?

Delft Lace Astible in Full Bloom

Made In The Shade

Introducing Astilbe ‘Delft Lace’ with foliage boasting a unique silvery blue overlay. You’ll get long lasting excitement from a wonderful garden player. This chance seedling was discovered growing in the flower fields at A-B Cultivars by breeder Arie Blom. Sometimes a weed is not a weed! Astilbe ‘Delft Lace’ is a new introduction to the US. Made available by Plants Nouveau, the experts who represent Arie’s marketing interests in North America.

The added value is the beautiful two-toned sherbet colored bloom heads. Raspberry stems and buds that really set off the lighter fluffy peach colored florets. Quite beautiful in full bloom, Delft Lace gives you a whole new hue in Astilbe choices. Appearing above the light reflecting silvered blue leaves the midsummer blooms are pure delight.

Astilbe does best in shade to morning sun exposures with humus rich soils. This is not a drought loving plant – too long of a dry spell will be the fastest way to loose an Astilbe. The last thing you want to do to this very special Netherlands import is to allow it to become a crispy critter.

You can create a fabulous planting combining ‘Delft Lace’ Astilbe with gold and deep blue hosta foliage, but it starts out with burgundy highlights early in the season. The forerunner of those delicious deep red flower stems. Try to play the textures of very smooth leaved hosta varieties against deeply puckered leaved types. You’ll get wonderful texture play and enhanced color with excellent foil. Take the effect one step higher by adding a highly silvered Pulmonaria like Excalibur, and dramatic Obsidian Heuchera – one of the only coralbells to hold it’s deep color in shade.

Beautiful coloring with lots of interest from Delft Lace Astilbe.

Delft Lace Atilbe

Astilbe ‘Visions’ is pale in comparison, and nothing at all like this exciting new perennial. Outstanding garden performance is what you can expect from Delft Lace. A note to all gardeners – before pulling a strange looking “weed” and casting it into the compost pile, you might want to pot it for observation. One never knows what treasure may be born from one tiny little stray seed.

‘Delft Lace’ Astilbe is hardy in zones 5-7 and matures to 12′-15″ high by 24″-36″ wide. The perfect sized perennial for planting in front of taller shade dwellers. A smattering of availability for Delft Lace appeared in June of 2008. If you missed out on getting one then, retail numbers will increase. Look for new stock to show up in better garden catalogs for Spring 2009 ordering.


Astilbe ‘Delft Lace’ PP19839