Shady creeper of the forest floor…
Heavenly spring blooms over striking, low profile foliage.

Delaware Tiarella bloom

Tiarella cordifolia ‘Delaware’ PPAF

‘Delaware’ Tiarella is the product of 15 years of cross breeding and selection of plantsman Sinclair A. Adam. Just one of 150 hybrid seedlings selected from a test group of 15,000 plants. Of those running Tiarellas that were selected for superior looks and vigor – only 5 were deemed special enough to be brought to market. The clumping new hybrid varieties selected from this test group are still under observation.

Tiarella Delaware

Darkly Marked Delaware Tiarella Leaves

‘Delaware’ is the most floriferous in the River Series Tiarella introductions coming for 2009. The fuzzy leaves are distinctive and will provide a lovely ground cover forming perennial in shady spaces. Spring is the season for foam flowers to burst into bloom. They are great for naturalizing or traveling among the Rhododendrons and Hostas.

Tiarella Delaware in Full Bloom

Tiarella Delaware in Full Bloom

Sinclair has an eye for distinctive plants and is the man responsible for bringing ‘Shortwood’ Phlox paniculata to the world. He has also been the person behind other exciting Tiarellas known as ‘Erika Leigh’, ‘Oakleaf’, ‘Laird of Skye’ and ‘Brandywine’. This new River Series of Tiarellas has been much awaited in the horticultural circle.

The lovely flowing plants grow 6 inches high and can spread up to 18 inches in one year. Early spring is the time when the Tiarella blooms. Each bloom head on Delaware gives you an amazing 6 weeks of beauty that begins when most other plants are still waking up.

Covers up to 3-feet of ground in one season!

Being introduced by Plants Nouveau, assures you that the plants are nothing ordinary. If you have not gotten excited about foam flower before … it is high time you did. If Angela is behind it, there is something to crow about. If you’ve got a large area that needs groundcover, this is an excellent choice to consider.