Fine texture for great balance…
Makes a late statement of soft smoky blooms.

Pennisetum Piglet

Pennisetum Piglet Blooms

Graceful, willowy ornamental grasses are usually too tall for being really versatile in the landscape and garden. Dwarf fountain grasses grow to a mere foot tall, and regular sized varieties can hit 30″ in height. Piglet Fountain Grass gives you a happy medium at 18″ tall.

This lovely new introduction from Intrinsic Introductions measures up to a placement behind the front row of your border planting. The habit of fountain grasses being upright, and yet somewhat weeping, is great for shape and texture in any landscape planting. Piglet Pennisetum offers you an in-between sized ornamental grass with excellent placement versatility.

Abundant, light smoky bloom heads appear in late summer and hold on into fall. Then go on to add that winter interest everyone is seeking. Like all ornamental grasses, Piglet Pennisetum offers you an easy to grow perennial that deals with drought and hot sun effortlessly. You will also have great luck growing this fountain grass in part shade.

A great looking mound of fine leaves topped by airy seed heads.

Pennisetum Piglet Form

Grasses are excellent as a textural balance mixed with shrubs or perennials. They also do a great standalone natural planting that won’t wimp out, yet stands apart in late season.

For the best impact in any mixed planting design, you need to use a variety of textures from large leaves down to small to get the most desirable finished look. The savvy homeowner will play one texture against another, along with a variety of foliage tones. This adds more depth and interest to any bed.

Even small fountains make beautiful music

Piglet Fountain Grass will prove to be valuable to just about any planting  where you have an interest in improving that late summer to fall curb appeal. Cold hardy as far north as zone 5, this lovely little grass prefers consistent moisture and good drainage.

To add an abundance of light colored, buff-tan seed heads to your beds with a concentration towards the front of the planting, Piglet is guaranteed not to disappoint in looks and easy care.

You will find Piglet Pennisetum available from finer nurseries and garden catalogs for Spring 2009.

Trademark and Nomenclature

Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Piglet’ PPAF