Delightful yellow summer blooms transform to fall berry beauty. Designer colored berries for outdoors and indoor bouquets.

St. John’s Wort for your landscape is not the same type of Hypericum as those grown as ornamental plants. There are 27 species of Hypericum, spanning from ground cover to shrub type plants. Very few of them are used as an ornamental plant. Hypericum calycinum, which is used as a ground cover. H. androsaemum is the most common shrub form used in ornamental applications. Common St. John’s Wort or Hypericum perforatum is the plant used for herbal remedies and is best placed in an herb garden.

Hypericum Mystical™ Beauty

Hips of Hypericum (berries) are highly valued by florists and are in the top 50 cut flowers grown for the floral trade. True “St. John’s Wort” has been cultivated for centuries for medicinal uses. In modern landscapes Hypericum is valued for its drought tolerance with the creeping varieties being a common ground cover on steep, sunny slopes. The yellow blooms add color from late spring until late summer, replaced by bright colored berries in September that hang on through winter. In warmer zones, the plant is semi-evergreen.

Large red berries that are sure to brighten your garden in fall. Image courtesy of Bailey Nurseries

Hypericum Mystical Red Star

Hypericum can be highly susceptible to a foliage disfiguring disease known as Rust. There is no chemical cure for this rust problem. Rust starts out as yellow and red spots on the leaves, then by midsummer, the foliage turns an unsightly brown making the entire dead plant look. The old fashioned solution was to shear the entire plant off close to the ground. When it grows back it will be disease free. New cultivar hybrid Hypericum x inodorum was specifically bred to be rust resistant especially for the floral trade. Known as the Mystical™ Hypericum series, this group of newcomers is extremely rust resistant because florists do not buy stems with foliar diseases.

Mystical Black Hypericum

Hypericum Mystical™ Black

In response to the floral trade’s demands for bigger, brighter berries and the absence of marred foliage we have exciting new garden and landscape shrubs. The most highly berry-iferous Hypericum plants in existence are now coming into the market for homeowners to buy. Prepare to get really excited about a summer shower of trouble-free yellow blooms and a choice of berry colors for fall color. This group of plants known as the Hypericum Mystical™ series from the Plants That Work® collection. Now you enjoy masses of large, designer colored berries on beautifully branched plants.

Mystical Orange Hypericum

Mystical™ Orange Hypericum

Don’t worry about cutting stems of berries for bouquets, or even cutting whole plants back hard to clean up a rust attack. Hypericum just grows right back … it is one tough and easy to grow shrub. Get a floral pro touch growing your own decorator colored berries without unsightly rust damage on these colorful shrubs. Mystical™ Hypericums are a cross between H. androsaemum and H. hircinum to reduce the threat of rust.  All require full sun and moist well-drained soil, mature at 2.5’-3’ high and wide. (Hardy in zones 5-9.) Lovely as a single specimen plant or arranged in showy drifts of color.

You’ll be tempted to cut them and add to arrangements in the house too.  Hypericum ‘Mystical Beauty’ offers large salmon-pink berries to enjoy for months on end. Mystical Red Star bears large red berries that are sure to brighten your garden in fall. The stunning large black berries on Mystical Black will compliment the vibrant colors of fall beautifully. Mystical Orange is perfect for a sunny planting bed where fall color will be cluster of large orange berries. Mystical Sweetheart Hypericum (pictured at the top of the page) has smaller berries,  but oh so lovely in white with a pink blush.

Look for these easy to grow, low maintenance landscape and garden shrubs in nurseries and garden centers that carry the Plants That Work Collection of perennials, shrubs and trees. You may find some limited availability as early as Spring 2009.

Trademark and Nomenclature

Hypericum x inodorum Mystical™ Orange ‘Kolmoran’ PP#13,411

Hypericum x inodorum Mystical™ Black ‘Kolmblack’ PP#14,911

Hypericum x inodorum Mystical™ Red Star ‘Kolmred’ PP#13,554

Hypericum x inodorum Mystical™ Sweetheart ‘Kolmsweet’ PP#13,533

Hypericum x inodorum Mystical™ Beauty ‘Kolmbeau’ PP#13,532