Breakup the Knock Out Rose monoculture.

There are other easy to grow roses.

Easy Elegance Rose 'Little Mischief'

Easy Elegance® Little Mischief Rose

Knockout Roses are everywhere, It’s like an SOS rose planting virus. Granted they are an excellent landscape rose of high value for many reasons. Must we spread them so thick from sea to sea that they become as boring as burning bushes, nandina, and yews.

It’s the disease-prone issue that makes most of us shun the very idea of planting rose bushes in our yards. Who has time for all that fussing and coddling? Knockouts are different than most with their incredible disease resistance. They are heavy blooming, hardy roses that will work in gardens just about anywhere. As all roses are, Knockouts have excellent drought resistant once established. Oh yes, and the infamous pests that feast on rose foliage aren’t too attracted to Knockouts, but all of these traits exist in other shrub roses.

Double Knock Out Rose

Double Knock Out® Rose

Knockout Roses get tons of press coverage.

The plants also have an army of nurseries and box stores selling them too. It isn’t any hype to say that Knockout Roses are all the latest rage. Landscapers and homeowners alike love the entire series of these easy to grow roses. The problem as I see it is that the entire nation will soon have the same 6 shrub roses plastered everywhere.


Sunny Knockout Rose

Sunny Knockout Rose

Too much of a good thing makes it get old really fast.

Where is the variety… the spice in life, if everywhere you look the same dang roses clogging up the scene? Maybe my mind and eye are far too much into the design aspect of landscape and garden. I balk at the notion that every yard must have the same old plants just because they’re easy to grow. Perhaps it is my reaction to watching my Dad plant the same three shrubs on hundreds of properties my entire life. His idea of variety is to alter the grouping of things.

Whatever it is, if you could look past all the marketing hoopla about Knockout Roses you’ll see what everyone’s missing out on.

Let me introduce you to Easy Elegance Roses.

Easy Elegance Rose 'Grandma's Blessing'

Easy Elegance® Grandma’s Blessing Rose

Are you ready for this? They are an even better easy-keeper rose collection than Knockout roses. Better? Tons of variety in colors and sizes. They’re very exciting, super hardy, and absolutely gorgeous. The biggest difference and the clincher in a decision-making dilemma is…

Easy Elegance Roses have a 2-year guarantee from the breeder.

Not from where you purchased them, but from the company that mass produces them for your nursery to buy them and offer them for sale to you. Now that is what you call sticking your money where your mouth is. Do you think Knockout Roses would refund your money up to 2 years after you buy one and plant it? Heck no they wouldn’t. Easy Elegance Roses were bred to be top performers in bloom and leaf, even in the frigid north.

Easy Elegance Roses are the best bet you’ll find.

Pim Ling is so confident that anyone can succeed in growing his roses with ease, he offers you these terms and conditions for satisfaction or your money back:

  • Applies to homeowner use only
  • Limit of $60, or two per household
  • Refund will be in the form of money back (please allow 4-6 weeks for processing)
  • Not valid until after June 15th of each year
  • Easy Elegance® will administer guarantee for all growers.
  • Guarantee may be voided subject to severe weather trends, grower maintenance, or poor retail management.
  • Guarantee does not include animal or pest damage.

You have 18 lovely Easy Elegance Roses to choose from, not a mere 7.

Easy Elegance Rose 'Centennial'

Easy Elegance ‘Centennial’

Knockout only has 7 different rose plants and a whole lot more invested in advertising too. The heaviest petal count with Knockouts is approximately 25. Easy Elegance has selections that have over 50 petals per rose! Plus they are very hardy own root rose bushes with super pest and disease resistance that bloom all season long. No chemical roses that anyone can grow. Need I say more? Say hello to the two latest releases in the Easy Elegance Rose collection for 2009.

An excellent yellow shrub rose for zones 4-9 that matures to 3′-5′ tall. You’ll have wonderful all season color from the heavily recurring High Voltage Rose. Flowers fully double and fragrant with a petal count of 22. That’s another mark for Easy Elegance Roses, most of them are fragrant not just one single petal bloom variety. Get your hands on the lovely High Voltage Rose today by following this link.

Easy Elegance Kashmir Rose

Kashmir Easy Elegance Rose

Just look at that magnificent wonder! The Kashmir Rose boasts an incredible 50 petal count per bloom. Looks like a tea rose, and just as wonderful for cutting too. While Kashmir isn’t fragrant it makes up for that in decadent beauty… from a shrub rose! Rich deep red roses 3″ wide will be belting out vibrant color from May through frost. Kashmir is a tall landscape rose maturing to about 5′ high. Alas, no online retailer has seen the need to sell this particular variety. Check around in your area, there might be a nursery that has Kashmir Rose in stock.

Let’s not be prejudiced against the other Easy Elegance Rose selections.

Unfortunately, all 18 Easy Elegance Rose selections are not available for ordering online. I did find some good choices that are available to purchase instantly.

Here are the other wonderful colors in this valuable group of delightful low-maintenance rose bushes. They come in a variety of plant sizes. Some blooms are larger than others, and petal count varies too. Bred to deal with a Minnesota winter, you can rest assured they’re all very cold-hardy roses, and are grown on their own root. This makes them true-to-what-you-bought no matter what extremes your winters may bring.

Easy Elegance Rose 'Sweet Fragrance'

Easy Elegance® Sweet Fragrance

Easy Elegance Rose 'High Voltage'

Easy Elegance® High Voltage


Easy Elegance Rose 'Kiss Me'

Easy Elegance ‘Kiss Me’

Easy Elegance Rose 'My Girl'

Easy Elegance® ‘My Girl’

Easy Elegance Rose 'All The Rage'

Easy Elegance® All The Rage

Easy Elegance 'Macy's Pride' Rose

Easy Elegance® Macy’s Pride

So why are you just planting Knock Out Roses again?

There is a lot more flavors of candy to be had in easy to grow, no pests or disease rose bushes. Don’t shop and garden by just what you see on the advertising scene. Not that advertising for the Easy Elegance Rose series is non-existent. It’s just not plastered everywhere you turn. Easy Elegance Roses offer you more options in color and size, and the three magic words:


on all 18 varieties of Easy Elegance Roses

Easy Elegance 'Mystic Fairy' Rose

Easy Elegance® Mystic Fairy Rose


All Easy Elegance rose images are courtesy of Bailey Nurseries © 2003-2010.