Looking for a little late summer romance?
A yard fling in pink that carries you into fall.

While these well-mannered little shrubs bloom in late spring, the beauty you’re after arrives at the other end of the season. That’s the magic of the snowberry bush, it’s at its best when most other plants are plumb tuckered out. They serve a dual purpose too. Late season color for the yard and a source of cutting flowers with a long vase life too.

Here we have the latest addition to the Magical® collection of Symphoricarpos. Developed for the cut flower trade in the Netherlands, you get double the pearl pizzazz from the rose pink fruits of the new Magical® Pride Symphoricarpos. Unlike a lot of other cuts used by the florist trade, you won’t have to sweat much to get an impressive show of color for the yard, garden or vase from this plant. It’s an easy-keeper that is super cold hardy, making it a great selection in zones 4-8. Maturing to 4′ high and 3-4′ wide, it’s the prefect size for just about anywhere. And… they are deer resistant, with no known pests or diseases.

Frigid winters won’t foul up your garden decor dreams with all that nonsense of late frosts wiping out your color. So sharpen up those pruners, because they bloom on the new season’s growth. Nor do you need to be concerned about choosing where to cut appropriately. Recommendations to market growers are to shear Symphoricarpos shrubs off close to the ground every year. This gives them the longest stems and heaviest berry abundance. A practice that might not suit the year around ornamental purpose in your yard. Not to worry, Magical® Pride has a great shape without all the heavy shearing work.

So, where can you plant snowberry bushes for best results? Dense, full plants will come from adequate moisture in well-drained soil. In full sun, you’ll need to replenish the available moisture more than in part shade. In the hot summers of the south, you’ll have a lower maintenance plant if it’s sheltered from afternoon sun. In the north, you’ll not have such stressful conditions in full sun. Still, no matter what the climate is where you are, with daily water you will be able to grow Magical® Pride wherever your heart desires. Just remember, they are more drought tolerant in part shade.

Your berries will be ready for cutting on Magical® Symphoricarpos plants in mid to late August. Species snowberries normally aren’t ripe until after the leaves have turned brown as the plant heads into winter dormancy. However, doornsbosii varieties like these are hybrids. They are a cross between the North American native Syphoricarpos albus var laevitigatus (snowberry), and S x chenaultii (commonly known as Chenault’s Coralberry). This gives them that glorious fruit color and other improvements.

Here’s your other options in Magical® fruit colors. Mix them snowberries up. There will be more to love about heading into fall, and more luscious color to harvest for the house. These make great hedges that are super low maintenance – not to mention adding a delightful blast of unexpected color when the rest of your flowering plants are winding down.

Symphoricarpos Magical Joy: Very vintage flair. Cottage Style!

Symphoricarpos Magical Joy: Very vintage flair. Cottage style cuts from the yard!

Plump white berries of Symphoricarpos Magical Avalanche

Symphoricarpos Magical Avalanche: simply beautiful anywhere you put them.

Trademark and Nomenclature

Symphoricarpos doornsbosii ‘Kolmprid’ Magical® Pride PPAF

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