Way Too Cool

Removing the boring from 'low-maintenance bushes'? Yep! It's finally happened. Spireas are workhorse shrubs. Cold hardy. Heat and drought tolerant. Colorful while in bloom, and the rest of the time? They're l...

Viking: Love at First Sight

Campanula ‘Viking’ is going to change your view of bellflowers completely. Get ready for a love affair that isn’t a flash in the pan two-week stand. Perennial flowers get better every year ...

In the Pink for Spring

Say hello to a great new perennial. Scensational color. Easy beauty. Well worth a spot in your garden. St. Benedictine Dianthus is a lovely source of vibrant early season color...

Spreading Light in the Shade

Tiarella is a wonderful plant for partial to filtered shade. Showy spring blooms give you a lacy eruption of white to whisper pink.

Warning: Knockout Rose Virus

Stop the Knockout monoculture! There are lots of beautiful easy to grow roses to grow. Easy Elegance Roses more colors and a 2-year warranty ...

Great Balls of Beauty

New take on a bodacious bloomer from antiquity. Hydrangea arborescens got a facelift, and the results are wonderful. Incrediball™ Hydrangea is a stage-stealer in full bloom....

New Hip Couture for Fall

Where floral design and your garden come together. Bigger, brighter berries found in exciting new shrubs. Highly berry-iferous and trouble-free Hypericum are now available...

Cool As a Cucumber

Gorgeous foliage that will not fry. No matter how hot - no matter how dry. New perennial Autumn Delight™ Sedum remains just lovely. Sure to add zip anywhere you plant it...

One To Grow On

Dashing and radiant from foliage to long lasting fall bloom. Easy to grow, plant it and forget it beauty from new Autumn Charm™ Sedum 'Lajos'. A plant you oughta get to know...

Tall, Dark and Handsome

True red phlox? You bet! Smoldering atop the world's only black leafed cultivar. Exciting new Phlox paniculata 'Lord Clayton' PPAF - Your perennial garden will never be the same!...