No need to travel to the islands…

Plant a blue wave anywhere.

Tired of washed out, and supposedly blue shrub and tree hibiscus? I know I am. Blue Chiffon is not blue, it’s pale purple until the flowers shrivel up. Sorry, but undertones displayed after death aren’t what a gardener wants. Bluebird Hibiscus isn’t blue either, nor is Blue Satin.

But look at this!

A gorgeous new Althea tree that is coming for 2014 from First Editions. Definitely not washed out. Hibiscus Hawaii looks to promise color impact even a blue flower seeker can love. And in a tree form too. Hibiscus shrubs are nice, but as trees they give you a space beneath them to really have some fun.

This is a small ornamental tree. Hibiscus trees are really just specially trained shrubs. So don’t worry about it taking over the patio, because it will stay nicely compact. Hawaii Hibiscus trees will only grow to 8-feet high and 7-feet wide at the very most. It’s perfect for planting close to your favorite outdoor chair where the hibiscus will get full sun.

Bloom of the blue Hibiscus Tree 'Hawaii'

Blue Hibiscus Tree ‘Hawaii’

Hibiscus syriacus is a tough group of shrubs. They’re super easy to grow and hardy in zones 5-8. Yes, you can enjoy the blue of Hawaiian waters in the North without the hassle of packing clothes, and boarding a plane. A trip to the islands at home every summer during this gorgeous and easy to grow plant’s blooming from about July through September.

Don’t worry about needing to spray a bunch of chemicals to keep this beautiful flowering bush looking great and healthy. This type of Hibiscus is disease and pest resistant, and once established can deal with a little drought too. It is advisable to give them good moisture though. Thirsty plants are never at their best, and scraggly shrubs aren’t what you want in your yard. Build some good moisture retention into the soil where you plant Hawaii Hibiscus trees to ensure the plant is getting consistent moisture without you being a slave to the hose. Better yet, use drip irrigation – it’s the best way to conserve water without leaving your plants parched.

The best Hawaii partner plants?

Don’t do pink or purple blooming plants that will be flowering at the same time as the hibsicus tree. Purple leaves, but not purple flowers. That center of the blue Hibiscus Hawaii gives you the key of flower colors to follow. Maroon – its a dark dark red. Yellow and white flowers will also work really well. Why? These colors will be best for keeping the blue looking bluer.

Think dramatic dark leafed plants like Heuchera. Some of those have pink flowers, but you don’t have to let them bloom. With most Heucheras, just as you find in Hostas, the true beauty is the leaves. the flowers. Many is the time that I cut the bloomscapes off these two perennials when they start coming out of the plant. The wrong color messes up the view, and a lot of times they just make the plant look messy.

White Veronica, yellow Coreopsis, maroon ever-blooming Dianthus, Heuchera Obsidian, and maybe something with silvery foliage like a low-growing Artemisia.

(Does that image at the top of the page look sideways? It is! Its the only way it would fit the photo space.)

Trademark and Nomenclature

First Editions® Hawaii™ Hibiscus-Tree Form
Hibiscus syriacus ‘Mingrand’

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