Removing the boring from ‘low-maintenance bushes’?

Yep! It’s finally happened.

Spireas are workhorse shrubs. Cold hardy. Heat and drought tolerant. Colorful while in bloom, and the rest of the time? They’re leafy, but really quite boring. At least they were. Now we’ve got Blue Kazoo, and it’s totally exciting.

Coming for Spring 2014

This Proven Winners selection is a really exciting easy-keeper shrub for zones 4-8, and cold hardy to -30F. Looks way too amazing to be that rugged doesn’t it? With foliage like this it wouldn’t matter if it bloomed at all! But it does. In bright white, and it’s a lovely bit of frosting on that truly yummy leaf array.

Landscapers everywhere shear spirea. Consistently turning them into a highly unnatural gumdrop shape. That’s many times due to the shrub being way too big for where it was planted, but not always. People have come to think that shrubs, like news reporter hair, should never have a tendril out of place. You won’t want to do that to the new Double Play® Blue Kazoo™ Spirea. That new growth is where it’s astounding foliar beauty comes from.

Double Play Spirea 'Blue Kazoo'

Double Play Spirea ‘Blue Kazoo’

Blue Kazoo Spirea is an excellent excuse to let your hair down. If you want formality, please plant some yews. They beg to be sheared. It will be abusive to this awesome new spirea. Just look at that incredible coloring. Pretty magical stuff. While you will want to do a little judicial pruning to keep dense branching going on, and promote a nice soft shape, forget about those hedging shears. You really don’t want to use them anyway. Both the process and the cleanup is a pain in the butt.

What’s wrong with au naturale?

A departure from plasticity is refreshing. It’s one of the reasons why an escape to the woods, the lake, or the country is so highly sought out. Blue Kazoo Spirea gives you the opportunity to do just that without spending a dime on gas and you can enjoy it even on work days.

Blue Kazoo Spirea blooms

Gorgeous color play!

Unlike most spireas, new Blue Kazoo from what looks like a new series dubbed Double Play, is well behaved. Maturing to 2-3 feet high and wide makes it just the right size for a lot of spots both in the landscape and your garden.

It will fit under a window without the near to hedge it into submission. You won’t have to whack it back to be able to see so you can pull out of the driveway safely. An excellent hedging shrub that is just as nicely behaved in your perennial garden.

Blue Kazoo blooms late spring – early summer.

Lacy, crisp white bloom heads that really stand out on the blue foliage. New growth is that light green we find on most spireas, but it’s frosted with burgundy. It doesn’t totally disappear as the leaves mature, which is what makes this shrub even more exciting. It increases it’s blueness. The effect (if you can forget about those dogone shears) is having like 5 colors of leaves on one bush. That’s way too cool! Ton’s of colorful textural interest into fall.

Like our most beloved maples, Blue Kazoo will give you great fall color. The leaves turn red when the seasons begin turning.

Where to buy Blue Kazoo Spirea.

Arriving in garden centers for 2015. Be patient if you want a big plant immediately. Of course, if you really don’t want to wait until the plant powers that be get their act together – you can buy the same size the growers pot up to sell you. Why wait when you don’t have to? It’s definitely worth getting ahead of the crowd. Less expensive too!

Trademark and Nomenclature

Double Play® Blue Kazoo™ Spiraea media ‘SMSMDPBK’ PPAF Can. PBRAF


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