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Coral Cove Easy Elegance Rose

© Easy Elegance Roses 2008

Oh what a stunning color! Anyone can enjoy this beautiful little shrub rose in their yard or garden. Easy Elegance Roses are so superior in being easy to grow, they come with a 2 Year Guarantee. Be sure to save that receipt, you’ll need it if for some strange reason you have an extraordinary experience.

This is not your grandma’s rose bush!

Long on charm, high on color… Easy Elegance Coral Cove Rose is also short on growing issues. You can’t kill an Easy Elegance Rose. Bugs won’t eat all the leaves. You won’t have icky diseases like black spot or mildew either. New selections prove their incredible pest and disease resistance just to earn a spot in the collection offered to increase the beauty of your landscaping and garden design. Shrub roses are the easiest to grow of all rose varieties and Easy Elegance is even better than that.

Close-Up Shot of Coral Charm Rose

© Easy Elegance Roses 2008

Coral Cove Rose bushes are compact and will be a great long blooming addition for many spots in your yard. At only 2-feet tall, they easily tuck beneath even low windows and will be fabulous as a driveway hedge that stretches all the way to the street. Very cold hardy, these new rose shrubs will be a cinch for anyone in zones 5-9 to grow. Oh, and don’t worry about having the clip of thousands of spent blooms. Shrub roses don’t need that to look great. You’ll love the low maintenance and drought tolerant traits, once established in your yard. Easy Elegance Roses also will easily adapt to many soils and climates.

A fantastic fusion of hot and pastel colors.

The outer petals and fat rosebuds appear in an pink-orange tone that can be described as persimmon. Each of the many layers of petals grow softer, becoming a whisper of coral at the yellow center. Very yummy natural confections, even while they age.

Bloom closeup of Coral Cove Rose

© Easy Elegance Roses 2008

Coral Cove Rose will continue blasting out vibrant warm color from late spring right up to that first hard frost. An ever blooming selection that you won’t need to spend much time shaping. This bewitching little beauty will form a neatly rounded, dense mound all on it’s own. Leaving you tons of time to kick back and admire the scads of delicious 3 inch wide blooms.

Rosa’BAIlove’ is marketed under the trade mark of ‘Coral Cove’ Rose.

Look for ‘Coral Cove’ Roses where ever you see the Easy Elegance Rose Collection brand tags on display in the rose department of your local garden center or nursery.

Images courtesy of Bailey Nurseries.