Unlike bloomers your Gramma loved…
Magical Robin is an heirloom for the 21st century.

Weigela is an old-fashioned shrub, but it’s still beautiful in bloom. The problem with the heirloom varieties is a) they’re too large for today’s smaller yards, and b) after the early summer blooming they just sit there looking green and very disappointing. There aren’t many people who don’t enjoy a Weigela in bloom, but the attraction usually ends when that early season headiness comes to a halt. Something you come to understand after a year or two of planting one at home.

Not anymore!

A simply stunning new take on a bush everyone’s Gramma adored, Weigela Magical Robin fits perfectly into both your flower garden and your landscaping. For her day they were awesome. A rugged shrub that was beautiful when it bloomed, but they are  scrubby-looking for most of the season. Sorry, Anthony Waters, but your stature no longer works in most people’s yards, and on top of that, you bloom only once. How boring. How inconvenient.

Magical Robin, on the other hand, will be more like an easy to care for rose bush in your yard or garden. It reblooms throughout the season. Gramma would have thought she died and went to heaven if she’d had this plant available. It’s deer resistant (roses never will be), and damaging insects are normally attracted to Weigelas. Okay, so it’s not the best thing for cutting and adding to bouquets, but we can’t have everything.

This new Weigela matures to only 3 feet high and wide. It’s perfect for low hedges, a petite landscaping plant, and it won’t rob your perennials of the sun in the garden. Anyone in zones 3-9 that likes red flowers has a spot for this hard-working shrub. You can even plant it under just about any window and not worry about it blocking the view. How’s that for perfect elocution? A bush bred to be Miss Goody Two Shoes. Yeah, Gramma would have loved that attribute too.

There are no known diseases for this plant. You can put away the shears and the pruners, because Magical Robin Weigela naturally maintains a nice soft shape all on it’s own. It requires only average garden soil, but does need consistent moisture, so don’t expect it to sail through dry periods looking stellar. Be sure to give it good drainage, wherever you plant it.

Trademark & Nomenclature

Weigela ‘Bokrabob’ Magical™ Robin

Introduced to US by Plants Nouveau and Ball Ornamentals.