Way Too Cool

Removing the boring from 'low-maintenance bushes'? Yep! It's finally happened. Spireas are workhorse shrubs. Cold hardy. Heat and drought tolerant....

Divide & Conquer: Part One

Have you heard that perennials spend half their life in a wheelbarrow? That's because after a few years the clump either overgrows it's allotted...

Mai Tai Is One Gorgeous Geum

Have you seen it yet? Geums are rather new to me, though I've grown hundreds of different perennial plants over the years. Gardening at the 45th...
Rosa Coral Cove from Easy Elegance

Incredible Charm: Coral Cove Rose

Oh what a stunning color! Anyone can enjoy this beautiful little shrub rose in their yard or garden. Easy Elegance Roses are so superior in being...

Viking: Love at First Sight

Campanula ‘Viking’ is going to change your view of bellflowers completely. Get ready for a love affair that isn’t a flash in the pan two-week stand. Perennial flowers get better every year ...

In the Pink for Spring

Say hello to a great new perennial. Scensational color. Easy beauty. Well worth a spot in your garden. St. Benedictine Dianthus is a lovely source of vibrant early season color...

Spreading Light in the Shade

Tiarella is a wonderful plant for partial to filtered shade. Showy spring blooms give you a lacy eruption of white to whisper pink.

It’s Fall … You Autumn Be Planting

It is not the approaching frigid weather that can cause a late season plant installation to be a loss. It has nothing to do with the fact that the...

Plants Slugs Don’t Like to Eat

Slugs eating you out of yard and garden? Learn how to stop slug damage by selection. Flowers and plant slugs don't like to eat ...

More Elements of Garden Design

More great tips on the right way to plan the private outdoor living areas of your yard. The garden is not a landscape but a special place where home spills outdoors ...