Petite and perky with a pleasant disposition…
A perennial you’ll welcome in any part of the yard.

There’s just something about Rudbeckia, or Black Eyed Susans as they are commonly known, that’s so cheerful you can’t help but welcome their blooming every summer. New Yellow Polkadot Bikini Rudbeckia isn’t a dwarf, nor is it the standard height, but right in the middle at 18-24″ tall. It’s also a narrow plant perfect for tucking into a smaller space than Rudbeckia hirta, whose clump will easily occupy a 3-foot wide space after 3-4 years in your garden. Yellow Polkadot Bikini is a much more well-behaved bed fellow – it never gets as wide as it is tall. The plant is typically less than 24″ high, and the mature width will be more manageable too.

Rudbeckia Yellow Polkadot Bikini

A rugged native of open meadows and prairie land, this North American plant is a favorite of butterflies, and very drought tolerant once established. The leaves on Yellow Polkadot Bikini are thinner than other cultivars, creating a very clean looking clump prior to blooming. It produces 3″ flowers on tall stems that are clear gold, and a lovely compliment to the dark brown center.

You can grow Rudbeckia in full sun to part sun, but your best flowering will always be in full sun. These are deer resistant plants once the leaves mature. Deer don’t like their fuzzy texture, but new growth is smooth and can be attractive for browsing.

No special soil is needed for growing Black Eyed Susans, but you will need to water them regularly during their first year in the ground to help them establish a good root system – the secret to good drought tolerance. They have good disease resistance, and can be as welcome in the landscaping as they are in a garden.

A great source of cut flowers, Yellow Polkadot Bikini will give you nice sized and sunny long-stemmed blooms welcome in a summer bouquet. They have good vase life, and make a great compliment to many perennial flowers that are cuttable.

Hardy in zones 4-9, Rudbeckia has a prolonged blooming period from mid-summer into fall. They’re low maintenance plants, requiring only an occasional watering in really dry weather and deadheading.

Trademark & Nomenclature

Rudbeckia x Yellow Polkadot Bikini