Lemon-lime foliage is just the beginning.
Double the impact with fiery red blooms midsummer.

For brilliant color all season, Lobelia is an excellent low maintenance perennial. It does well in many soils with consistent moisture and good drainage. You will have great luck growing Lobelia in full sun to part shade.

Golden Torch Lobelia gives you double the color, double the fun with bright foliage that is striking through early summer. In full sun, you will have the brightest yellow hues to the leaves. In part shade, they will be more chartreuse. No matter what sun exposure you choose, Golden Torch will glow in your landscape and garden amidst the more expected colored foliage. But the real excitement takes place when many perennials are winding down.

Sling some zing around your yard!

Lobelia 'Golden Torch' Foliage

Lobelia ‘Golden Torch’ Foliage

You’ll get a riot of beauty when the cardinal red blooms unfurl mid-season and continue into fall. That fiery display will be twice as intense shooting out of the glowing stems and leaves. This hot new plant is being brought to your garden from Intrinsic Introductions.

Lobelia is fabulous in masses and thick waves when you have space to devote to multiples of one plant. It is excellent for around ponds, on the waterfront, and along stream banks – because it adores moisture. Golden Torch Lobelia is sure to lighten your maintenance load, and brighten your yard, anywhere you want to enjoy them.

Golden Torch is a slender perennial that finishes out at just 18″ wide. The foliage gives you 18″ of height early on. Brilliant red blooms give you months of floral enhancement at 30-42″ above the soil. A show that continues into early autumn. Oooh-la-la! You’re going to look forward to this plant reawakening each and every spring.

Guiding light in ground effects

You probably won’t have to wait long to get your hands on this fabulous new easy to grow perennial. Look for Lobelia ‘Golden Torch’ to show up in better garden catalogs for Spring 2009 ordering.

Trademark and Nomenclature

Lobelia cardinalis ‘Golden Torch’ PPAF