Dashing and radiant leaf to bloom …

Easy to grow, plant it and forget it beauty.

Sedum Autumn Charm

Autumn Charm™ Sedum

One magnificent looking perennial plant you really out to get to know. Here’s living proof that workhorses can be stylish and beautiful. Sedum ‘Lajos’ Autumn Charm will grow in just about any soil.

The sedum family will tolerate just about anything you or nature can do to it. Including not only surviving the family dog’s digging spree but also multiplying merrily because of the apparent destruction. (Believe it or not … it has happened to me. The following spring there were hundreds of baby sedums!)

Autumn Charm Sedum will be beautiful from the spring day it emerges from the soil until hard frost dries it for winter interest. This sport of Sedum Autumn Joy has all the great assets of its parent, and 20 times the beauty. Autumn Charm will give you brilliant fall color later in the season – after all the rest of the sedums have darkened and become dull.

Bloom of Sedum Autumn Charm

September Bloom Color

Autumn Charm Sedum prefers full sun and dry conditions once established. The plant will mature at 18″ or more high and wide. It is hardy in zones 4-9.

Foliage is a lovely blue green with a wide cream colored margin. The exact reverse foliar pattern of Sedum Autumn Delight (Sedum ‘Beka’), which is also new for 2009 from Intrinsic Introductions.

Bright fall color holds on longer than other sedums.

Flower buds will be full blown and glowing white in August. Coloring sets in as the weather cools. At first the blooms will be pink, and gradually turn deep red.

For 3 seasons of color, and added winter interest, Autumn Charm Sedum is definitely one to grow on … and on. Look for Spring 2009 availability in better garden catalogs. If you have a hard time finding this one in the spring, give them a year. There will be around for purchase by summer 2010.

Trademark and Nomenclature

Autumn Charm™ Sedum ‘Lajos’ PP#14,421